The Querencia

Our Story

People ask ”What’s the inspiration behind the name ‘The Querencia’?”

In our ever bustling and buzzing city of Lagos, it is easy to get warped by the borderline chaos that comes with living in this beautiful city. It could be the ridiculous, sometimes unexplainable traffic or the noise pollution from the sounds of honking commuters or the all too familiar noise from generators at home or even at your office. Don’t forget the frequent power outages that can nearly render you totally useless as you try to keep your sanity while you battle the scorching heat and the inevitable calculation you apply when there’s a need to power your devices to keep you entertained, distracted or productive.

The Querencia is a place where one draws strength, is their most authentic self and feels like home, and that clearly is what we are trying to accomplish with our space.

What ‘The Querencia’ offers is a serene environment to facilitate your creativity and productivity with an aim to grow and be a part of a community of people who through networking, meaningful interactions and collaborations, can and will drive positive changes and impact both locally and globally.

The Space

We are based in Lekki and our space is a serene modern and eco-friendly workspace.

Our facilities include a lounge area, kitchenette, conference and meeting room, Visitors waiting room, whiteboards, 24 workstations relaxation area and a comfortable parking lot.

We welcome business owners and others who are interested in working in a serene environment and are focused on personal continuous improvement as well as how together we can contribute to the advancement of our society.

+239034830059, +2348097874021

Visit us at
Querencia Office:
2b, Bamidele Eletu Way, Osapa, Lekki, Lagos